Cygnite PHP Framework

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Cygnite Framework it's just a small footprint to give you the creative experience of developing a web application.

Cygnite Framework is under active development, also we are continuously upgrading the core features to make your job simple and better.

You will find several eye catching features into Cygnite Framework.

Core features -

  1. Cygnite Framework redesigned and powered by Composer.
  2. Zero configuration.
  3. Object oriented programming with MVC architecture. It's User friendly structures helps you painless development.
  4. Cygnite Framework follows lazy loading concept which gives you expressive performance, it also provides inbuilt caching libraries.
  5. Use plain php or elegant Twig template engine for your awesome application.
  6. Cygnite Framework gives you flexibility for both beginners as well as advance PHP programmers to develop dynamic applications.
  7. Cygnite has a great user guide which allows you to adapt as quick as possible.
  8. Generating crud is much simple than you think, just single line of code will generate you basic crud operations, Cygnite Framework cli build on Symfony console component.
  9. Form Builder has elegant syntax and also make your job easier. Use Cygnite CLI to build your form.
  10. Use dynamic finders and model events. Inbuilt library allows you to write secure application.
  11. REST-full router allow you to call controller directly. Which leads you to create powerful api.
  12. Building database schema and Migration is very easy with Cygnite Cli.
  13. Connect and use multiple Databases on the fly. Cygnite follows active record style resembles with Ruby on Rails Active Record.
  14. Email library has expressive syntax which built on popular swiftmailer library. Authx, thumnbnail components make your job easy.
  15. Cygnite powerful IoC container and StaticResolver allow you write amusing application, and there are more. Feel free to open an issue if you require anything.

Contributing To Cygnite Framework

Contribute on the development or its documentation, learn, get help and help others, find, report bugs, send us your feedback, send your wishlist for new features, write and send us patches for Cygnite Framework.

You can contribute into cygnite development different ways. Read more in official website-